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The National, Corner Hotel, 19-01-08

January 21, 2008

I like the Corner Hotel. It reminds me of the Karova only bigger, with slightly more expensive beer, better bands playing and a stupid huge pillar in the middle. Although the pillar isn’t really annoying as I got a pretty good spot for the gig but I really have to remember to get better shoes for gigs so my back doesn’t get sore. Gaslight (Radio?) were the support and they were actually not bad, they reminded me of a few bands and had a bit of a pop punk vibe going on. I thought I was going to be late for the gig but it turned out The National started an hour after I thought they were supposed to so I was a bit stressed for nothing on the way there but beer made me better.

The National came out and started off great, the sound was pretty much perfect and seeing some of the drumming live was totally awesome. It was pretty cool that they played ‘Mistaken for Strangers’ second as really got everyone going. They pretty much played material from their two newest albums bar two songs, which was great because I only have those. The singer was pretty cool and did a strange retarded hand clap thing a lot instead of dancing, it was pretty obvious he is a huge nerd. Their set was a bit slow in the middle but really picked up again towards the end when they added some brass players and busted out a rocking version of ‘Fake Empire’ with added awesome instrumental jam in the middle. I can’t remember what song they closed with but they came back and played ‘Mr. November’ in the encore which was radical as the singer really really got into which was a weird contrast to this quiet and reserved persona that he had for the rest of the gig. They also all donned Fitzroy singlets during the encore except for the singer because he ‘left his in hotel room on purpose’. Pretty nice gig, started and ended damn nicely just too bad about the lack of energy in the middle.

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