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Die Hard 4.0

January 28, 2008

Yeah I thought I would do a ‘movie review’ because I have intended to for a while but hadn’t seen any good films. Since Die Hard 4.0 isn’t really a movie as such but more a series of exploding events I don’t really think it warrants a real review but here are some reasons why it kicks arse.

  • John McClane
  • Exploding fire extinguisher blowing someone out of a window onto a car and probably killing them.
  • Hot Asian Chick.
  • Hot Asian Chick getting hit by a car and then being crushed by a car inside an elevator shaft and it then exploding.
  • Nerds kicking arse.
  • Helicopter being destroyed by a car.
  • Seemingly super human foreign guy with mad jumping abilities.
  • Death by liquid nitrogen.
  • Exploding freeway, house, shoulder, knee cap, other rad things.

Anyway it’s a pretty awesome action movie and I’m pissed that I didn’t see it at the cinema because of would have been even better.


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