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The Host

February 5, 2008

I’ve never watched a movie made in South Korea before but after watching The Host I think I might like to see some more. I think it was trying to make some statement about pollution and America’s involvement in conflicts they have no part of but I just watched it as a monster movie and it was quite entertaining. It was pretty cool that, unlike almost every monster movie ever made, they showed the monster in the first 20 minutes and in broad daylight in a really cool scene with long running shots and many crazy attacks done by the beast. Also cool that the monster didn’t mind attacking children, I hate how monsters always avoid them.

I think parts of the movie were lost on me like the scene where the family break down crying and roll on the floor because I thought it was a bit funny and again in a later scene where they all eat some instant noodles and well it was odd. The story mainly focuses on a family trying to get back their daughter/niece/granddaughter from a sewer the monster has hidden her in (so it can eat her later). Of course is becomes more complex than that but most of the fun is had in the scenes with the monster and there are some funny and moving parts involving the family. I was pretty impressed that the director was able to get such great and long shots of the monster in action with such a slim budget, the cinematography was definitely interesting. The entire film was also surprisingly moving with a lot of focus put on the father and his relationship with his now grown up children. I’d recommend you check it out especially if, like me, you have never seen any South Korean cinema.


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