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Ben Lee @ Factory Theatre, 7-3-08

March 8, 2008

Last night, Steve and I (along with Bek et al.) went to see Ben Lee at the Factory Theatre, so we decided to write a joint review, partly because so much happened that there was no way either of us were going to remember every single exciting event (or at least, I wasn’t), so we figured two minds are better than one (by at least 50%!). Also, it should be hella fun!

Steve wants to do it ‘Margaret and David’ style, but we’re both at the same computer, with me typing, so I’m skeptical as to how it would work. But apparently we’re doing it that way anyway. Steve, do you want to start? (I’m still typing, but still…).

Steve: First of all, I have to say it was not a dumb idea at all. Margaret and David are very cool (James: I’m not saying they aren’t, it’s just a bit weird with me writing down what both of us say). Anyway, on the topic of cool, Ben Lee was cool (James: Is this working? I think I’m distracting Steve with all my interjections). It was a really fun, easy, relaxed kind of gig. Your thoughts, James?

James: What, that’s it? You have to say more than that! (Steve: No no no, now you say something, then I say “Hmm yes, very true” and keep talking”). Oh okay. Well that’s weird, then. But sure. I really like Ben Lee concerts (this is my second). I mean, he doesn’t have the sheer power and energy and overwhelmingness as, say, Broken Social Scene or Arcade Fire, but it’s so damned fun. You can’t help but just adore him. I was laughing most of the way through!

Steve: Hmm yes, very true. There were some moments which were really (uh, what would be the good word? Just fun! No…) enjoyable. Um… Like… (James: This is fun! Steve can’t say anything proper because I keep typing all his ums and uhhs and whatnot). Yeah, anyway. Like, like like, the “5 minute breakdown that only the performers would enjoy”, poking fun at the standard fare of rock concerts.

James: Like the encore! He just asked the crowd if he could just turn around for a little bit while we clapped, instead of going off stage in to the crappy, sans-toilet backstage area. We were more than happy to oblige, as encores are a bit lame these days, if only because they’re completely expected, and they waste a good 5 minutes of precious concert time going off stage. This is not including Sufjan, of course, as at least one of his three encores seemed spur-of-the-moment. Same goes for Broken Social Scene, actually.

Steve: Can I have a go now? Yeah? Cool. (James: That last bit was supposed to be conversation between me and Steve, I think, but I actually just looked at him strangely, as I’d already suggested that he have a go). Oh, what else should I mention? Don’t type that. (James: Oops?). Oh, the support act! Well, it’s not like Ben Lee is a concert of big egos, but Mandy Moore supporting has destroyed all my indie cred. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (James: I’m doomed!!). It was actually kind of… Interesting, how she’s changed and how she views her old career, bagging out the cheesy lyrics in the middle of Candy. Somebody’s taking a new direction, eh? (Your turn).

James: Yeah, I was a bit disappointed about missing out on Crush, to be honest, but I guess we can’t have everything :p. She was actually pretty good, really. And dueting with Ben Lee on Birds and Bees was really cool too (no offense to Lisa Mitchell (?), but considering it was recorded with Mandy Moore, it sounded a lot better than last time). I also quite liked what I saw of Dash & Will, but we got there right at the end of their set, so it was hard to tell. Also, we were drenched (don’t know if that’s relevant, but I figured it was worth a mention).

Steve: What, I’ve gotta talk now? What’s there left to say? Ooh, I should say some favourite songs. Like when he played Bruised, which reminds me of way back when I saw him with The Bens. (James: Steve was pretty much the only person that knew this song). And I’ve liked Numb every time he’s played it. In fact, I’ve only heard him play it live. I really should get that album (James: Yes, you should). Any favourites for you?

James: Um, it’s always fun when he gets the crowd to sing along, which is usually for things such as Gamble Everything For Love. I was very amused at his choice of cover song, too, which was originally by Against Me! (yay, Nick!). I can’t remember the actual song, though. (Steve: It’s a pity he didn’t do the cover of Ben Lee by… whoever wrote it. Even though he wanted to).

Well, I guess we’d better wrap it up. (Steve: Yeah, sounds like a good idea). I really do love seeing Ben Lee live, it’s just so amazingly fun. If I ever get the oportunity again, I will certainly take it.

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  1. Indie as Fuck permalink
    March 8, 2008 1:46 pm

    The Bens are amaaaazing.
    I can’t believe Mandy moore was the support :S

  2. Indie as Fuck permalink
    March 8, 2008 2:36 pm

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!! I added you both on lastfm as well, hope you don’t mind :D i see you’re lsitening to chris walla right now, yesss!
    and i don’t actually know nick… but he goes to my uni… haha :P


  3. Nick permalink
    March 10, 2008 6:21 am

    So I really don’t like Ben Lee… he has covered an entire Against Me! album and did an awful job. Um sorry for whining. At least you guys liked it :P Golden Plains blog hopefully coming tonight if I don’t fall asleep.

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