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Bugga – Cool As Fuck EP

March 25, 2008

My boss actually found this band. Well, kind of. At work we have this thing that he wanted to call Bugga, so he was searching the name on Google. And he came across this, which he showed everyone because of the pretty hilarious CD cover. Anyway, I looked them up, and randomly decided to buy their sole release, Cool As Fuck EP. I’m pretty sure I’m the sole owner of this record outside the UK, as they didn’t offer international postage options, and when I emailed to enquire about it, they just said they’d ship it for free. Nice!

The first track, from which the EP takes its name, is just pretty generic angry British light garage punk. It’s the second track where my purchase started to seem worthwhile, with the pretty good acoustic Supermodel. It’s a bit strange sometimes, with lyrics such as “All I want is a supermodel / To take me home and fuck me / She can tie me up, covered in honey / Then I’ll let her lick it off me“, but it’s really pretty nice to listen to.

The third track, These Here Times, falls halfway back into the routine of Cool As Fuck, although not quite as angry, and as a result rather more listenable. I must admit, the singer’s voice has a rather annoying British accent, though (as opposed to an awesome one, like Stuart Murdoch).

The fourth and final track, Pasty Song, is, as suggested by the title, all about Cornish pasties. How he likes them, what can go wrong with them, stuff like that. You know, I never thought somebody could ever get so worked up about pasties, but apparently the songwriter for Bugga has a real soft spot for them, and is pretty picky!

I don’t think I would recommend anyone buy this, but I certainly don’t regret doing it myself. If anybody’s interested, they can listen to the whole EP bar one song (These Here Times), on the band’s MySpace.

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