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Modest Mouse, The Palace Theatre, 2-04-08

April 3, 2008

I mentioned in earlier posts that the last time I saw Modest Mouse was at Falls festival a year and a bit ago and I also mentioned that it was a bit disappointing, mainly due to the crowd and also that the band seemed to be a bit lacking in energy. It was amazing how much better last night’s gigs was.

Holy shit. The vibe, the energy, the songs, the everything… it was all just so great. They opened with ‘Bury Me With It’ and it was so much better live then on record, the shouting and the drumming (two drummers!) was intense. The whole band was in high spirits and I was surprised when Isaac made a few jokes throughout the night seeing as last time I saw them he said like two words. He also made some jokes about the shitty wind that has been happening in Melbourne (and which fucked up my classes today) which was nice to see that he had been showing an interest in Melbourne. I always like it when bands at least try to relate to the audience instead of just standing there and not saying anything.

It was weird to see them play ‘King Rat’ live, which is a B-side, but it was entertaining mainly because it has some sexy banjo in it, as did ‘Bukowski’ which was incredibly good to see live later in the set and with almost the entire crowd singing along. Also Johnny Marr is probably the coolest old guy in the whole world, his guitar throughout the night was amazing and did an awesome guitar intro and line through ‘Tiny Cities Made of Ashes’ that was pretty mind blowing, also he made ‘Fire It Up’ an actually good and interesting song instead of the boring version that is on the album. For an old-ish dude he sure is full of energy and works really well with the band and Isaac. He also did some cool dances.

By this point of the show my mind was pretty much blown and then they dropped ‘Trailer Trash’ and then I think it did blow. Amazingly good and I think the crowd seemed a bit stunned (or confused?) by it as I was, the creaky guitar echoing throughout the black walls of The Palace with the quietly delivered lyrics by Isaac was magic; again Johnny Marr helped Isaac and the rest of the band to make it special. He rocks so hard; I wish The Smiths would reform… I cannot remember what they closed the set with it’s really frustrating me right now if I find out I’ll edit this and put it in later but I do remember the encore was pretty great.

Holy shit the encore. To be honest the first two songs were not that great but they seemed pretty great after how long we had to cheer for them to come back on, probably the longest ‘fake leaving’ I have ever seen a band do. They played ‘Education’ and ‘Black Cadillacs’ one after the other and while they are not my favourite songs on record they were still pretty entertaining but the really good stuff came very last. When Isaac started playing the opening notes to ‘Doin’ the Cockroach’ it was amazing. I think the band stretched out the song to at least 10 minutes with an amazing jam and Isaac running off the stage and jumping into the crowd. Fuck. So good, but annoyingly I wasn’t near him but it was still entertaining to watch the crowd go mental and it was pretty much one of the best closing songs I have ever seen. I could have easily watched them for another hour but unfortunately that was it, I’m still in a good mood from the gig though. Too bad you didn’t decide to see them James.

Oh yeah. Hot Hot Heat were there too but well… I didn’t really dig them. Their singer is completely woeful but they played a few okay songs and one good one where they got two drummers going. They were pretty forgettable compared to Modest Mouse though.

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  1. Schteph permalink
    April 3, 2008 10:03 am

    oh my god. Nick. You totally shut down HHH! I thought they were amazing… grrrr.

  2. Nick permalink
    April 3, 2008 10:34 am

    Yeah I thought they would be pretty good actually as I quite like them on record but while the vocals are merely okay recorded they were pretty bad live and I couldn’t really get into the rest of it at all.

    You doing a review?

  3. Wayne permalink
    April 6, 2008 11:08 am

    Nick, would have loved to hear Trailer Trash. Or anything off LCW for that matter. They were great though. And I agree with your comments about HHH. The singer was truly woeful.

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