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The Dodos – Visiter (2008)

April 4, 2008

Please ignore the album art here because the actual album itself is really good. The Dodo’s are an indie-folk band from San Francisco who only stared out a couple of years back in 2006 and their recently released second album ‘Visitor’, is worth checking out. It’s good.

Most of the songs consist only of acoustic guitar and drums (and vocals of course), a few songs stray from this formula but not too far and each song is different enough that the album doesn’t really feel samey. The production really allows room for each instrument and I really like the way the guitar sounds, ranging from sweet folk style to, on a few songs, a distorted rock style. ‘Walking’ is a fantastic opening track, it’s a pretty straightforward folk-pop song but it manages to sound fresh and interesting. The Dodos songs vary in length from around two minute pop songs to seven minute more experimental songs such as the great ‘Joe’s Waltz’ that easily changes style several times throughout and sounds lovely. Sometimes I feel like the album is a bit long (14 tracks, 1 hour) but other times it feels just right, I guess it depends on what mood your in. ‘Visiter’ is still an excellent album that is good to put on and just relax; it works better with headphones too.

The Dodos – Visiter (Full album)
The Dodos on Myspace

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