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My Disco, Karova Lounge, 18-04-08

April 19, 2008

I recently said I had been digging My Disco’s latest album Paradise, and it’s a good thing I do because otherwise they may have been unfathomable live. They didn’t play one single song from any of their other releases, said probably under 50 words throughout the entire set and yes; that includes lyrics but to be honest it was quite an enjoyable set even though everyone else I was with thought the opposite.

The crowd at Karova seemed a bit confused or maybe a bit angry, a few people yelled out ‘You Suck!’, but the band seemed content to do things their way and play some very minimalist rock songs. Once they got going there seemed to be a few keen fans seemingly dancing along to the two note bass lines while putting their arms around their head and generally acting weird. The band had kind of a hypnotic affect by playing the same riff for several minutes and then adding in some distorted guitar or a few vocals here and there, but while each song was similar in its simplicity they still managed to sound distinct and different from each other.

My Disco didn’t really make an attempt to connect with the audience and played their instruments with robotic precision and the bass player seemed a bit alien in his approach (and looks). While not a lot seemed to be happening onstage it was hard to look away and while the band didn’t engage the audience they still had good stage presence most likely due to the fact that they firmly believe in the uncompromising sound they are going for. There was no encore but I think by the end of the set they had ran out of new songs to play and they don’t like to play their old stuff live anymore. I think it would have been a better gig if the crowd had been more appreciative or the band had tried to connect more with us but I still enjoyed being pulled into My Disco’s crazy discreet world for about an hour of my life. Also I forgot my camera which was annoying because it was one of the few gigs where I could have actually gotten some half decent photos.

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  1. Steph permalink
    April 21, 2008 5:47 am

    lulz, Ballarat.

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