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Ex Machina (2004 – Present)

May 4, 2008

Brian K. Vaughan has become one of my favourite writers as of late. Having written some great episodes of Lost and creating Y: The Last Man, Runaways and probably more good stuff I have not yet discovered, I have to say he is pretty fantastic. He also created Ex Machina back in 2004 and it’s still going today, and in case you were wondering; it’s really fantastic.

The Great Machine was the world’s only super hero who, after an accident was given the ability to converse with and control machines. He uses these powers to aid New York until he realises there are better ways to do good; he reveals his identity to the public and runs for Mayor. He wins. The plot follows Mayor Hundred/The Great Machine in post 9-11 New York with flashbacks to his time as The Great Machine, in a similar fashion to Lost and also similar to Lost in that there are mysterious abound and seemingly no answers in sight. But while honestly the series starts a little slow (it’s still interesting though) it really picks up steam when the characters begin to develop and some of the mysteries get uncovered.

As in all of Vaughan’s work the dialogue is top notch and the characters even in supporting roles are fleshed out and well rounded. Mayor Hundred/The Great Machine is a really interesting guy both as a super hero and as a mayor and the political side of things is just as interesting as the action. A really interesting read, especially when you get going as if just gets better and better. Download some below and then go out and buy (find) the rest.

Ex Machina Issues 1-3
CDisplay Comic Reader

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