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Electric President – Sleep Well (2008)

May 22, 2008

Electric President are a musical duo from Florida that sound a little bit like The Postal Service. Sort of. Like The Postal Service they incorporate a lot of electronic elements into their sound but instead of creating dance tracks they make interesting indie folk pop songs in similar vein to The Decemberists or a lot of currently popular ‘indie bands’. Their new album ‘Sleep Well’ is pretty interesting and also it’s pretty good.

Unlike The Postal Service there are still guitars making their way through on a few (most) songs, acoustic and electric along with more traditional instruments, but each track incorporates electronic elements particularly in the beats and the effects on the vocals. The duo creates an interesting range of sounds from dark electronic pop songs to sprawling and melodic anthems that seemed to be made to be chanted in stadiums. It’s a weird mix of melancholy indie songs and towering noisy rock styled anthems or songs that combine both styles. The vocals are of the typically indie-nasally variety but they occasionally soar in the songs that don’t seem concerned to remain dark both musically and lyrically.

The lyrics for the most part work quite well but occasionally there are awkward lines that can ruin the flow but thankfully they don’t pop up to often. While the album on the whole is easy to listen to and quite good there are a few filler tracks but due to the nature of the sweeping and electronic sounds they can get lost in between the good stuff and they don’t really detract on the whole. At first I thought ‘Sleep Well’ was a bit bland but it really grew on me after a few spins when the vaired soundscapes start to reveal themselves but there is something about the production that I can’t quite put my finger on; it seems useless to write about it but it just feels really familiar. I don’t know. Quality music journalism right here.

Electric President – Sleep Well (2008)

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