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21 (2008)

May 26, 2008

Kevin Spacey is kind of a dick. I can’t really think of a movie where he plays a character that is likeable but at least they are memorable I suppose. So anyway in ’21’ he plays this douche bag mathematics teacher who gets together a group of students who master the art of card counting and go make some monies in Vegas. He recruits hopeful Med student Ben who at first joins the team hoping to make enough money for med school until things take a turn. Some more stuff happens too but yeah whatever.

While not a bad movie it’s not that great either. The supporting cast is pretty boring and only the two main characters bring anything interesting to the film; Spacey does a good job of being a dick (as mentioned) and the other actor guy (he’s in the poster) does a fairly good job of being a good guy. The soundtrack was actually not bad as well (Weezer, MGMT and more) but there was too much time given to scenes of partying in Vegas and the middle section really dragged on. It picks up towards the end but its hard to care about the good guys winning since they’re quite boring, pretty cool on foot chase scene though. If you like gambling and Kevin Spacey you’ll probably like it.


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