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Thomas Function – Celebration (2008)

June 3, 2008

Thomas Function are a band out of Alabama, y’know that state in America somewhere (I don’t know where). Sounding a little bit classic rock, a little bit dirty and a little bit awesome they play some interesting country twinged punk rock songs in a similar fashion to bands such as The Black Lips and um, I can’t think of another one. After, as fan I can tell, a series of singles and EPs ‘Celebration’ is their debut full length and it sounds good.

It sounds a bit familiar in that ‘I can’t put my finger on it’ way but then again it all sounds fresh bright and fun. Garage rock tunes fleshed out with elements of country, punk and just whatever else sounds like a good time. Catchy keyboard lines and jangly guitars are predominate. The vocals remind me a bit of Jay Reteard and its not really worth writing about the lyrics as well, you can barely make them out from the yips and yelps that are the vocals and even if you could its not like they need to genius on this sort of album. ‘Relentless Machines’ starts off with an accoustic guitar and quickly builds with keys, electric guitar and enters into a jumping beat and it just never slows down. The rest of the album is similar in its abundance of energy and I recommend you check it out if you like fun shit. Which you should.

Thomas Function – Celebration (2008)
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