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Teleradio Donoso – Gran Santiago (2007)

June 13, 2008

As a result of taking up Spanish this semester and having a trip planned to Chile for the whole of 2010 (as part of my International Studies degree), I decided that I might as well check out what Chile has to offer in the way of music. There were a few semi-promising bands that came up on, but nothing as much so as Teleradio Donoso, who, I’ve been told, are the new darling indie kids of the country. They hold up to that title, providing some very fun indie pop tracks, even if they do seem a little too poppy and clichéd at times.

They do actually have a bit of range, though, and vary from the overly-poppy opener Franz to the excellent mid-section, with highlights Eras Mi Persona Favorita and Un Día Fui a Pasear y No Volvi, and even has a couple of slower tracks, such as the wonderful La Carta and the title track, Gran Santiago.

As can be expected, I can’t understand any of the lyrics properly, however there’s the occasionally word which twigs a memory. Honestly, I don’t know what their songs are really about, so I can’t advise on that, but most of them seem relatively upbeat, so perfect for a nice summer’s day in the park, similar to my current love, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

I wouldn’t usually mention this, but I will, in the hope that my sin can be forgiven; I illegally downloaded this album. Note that this was hard enough for me to do, and I had to enlist the help of Nick to find it. However, attempting to buy it proved pretty much impossible, due to hard-to-navigate Chilean websites, which I cannot for the life of me get my head around, even with the help of Google Translate. Apparently it was even hard to get in Chile, though, as it was released on a small, independent label. So the reason I’m mentioning this? I would love it if somebody worked out how to get a legal copy of the album (on CD) to me. I would happily pay for any costs involved, of course, and profusely thank whoever accomplished this feat.

That said, apparently they have a new album due out this year, so maybe that will suffice.

P.S. They have plenty of full tracks available to listen to on both their and their website (full album for streaming), so check them out! (I survived on that for while, but it was killing my bandwidth…)

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