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Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue (2008)

June 17, 2008

After hearing the single ‘Hummingbird’ by Canadian trio Born Ruffians, I was completely intrigued by this band, desperate to hear more. So I have eventually gotten around to listening to the whole thing, and I must say, I am highly impressed.

On listening to the album through several times, I find it hard to pin it down to any one thing, made up of metallic guitar and fast paced lyrics, each catchy pop song has running through it a country appeal, somewhat similar to The Raconteurs, but with lyrics about nothing and everything, would sit nicely next to the Cribs and their simplistic indie anthems. Each song has something distinctive and ‘ear catching’ about it, such as ‘Hummingbird’ with its speedy scales, evoking images of its namesake bird, ‘Barnacle Goose’, a favourite of mine with call-and-response yells, a song I can imagine going down well live, and ‘Badonkadonkey’ it’s back and forth rhythm is one to cause you to smile and never stop!

Though Luke Lalonde voice isn’t the greatest, the vocals are effective and endearing; anything more would cause the songs to lose all meaning and happy-go-lucky feel, the element that is most attractive about Born Ruffian’s music in the first place. Even the albums slower tracks, ‘Red Elephant’ and opener ‘Red, Yellow & Blue’ still contain a manifestation of this bands seemingly happy demeanour. This definitely is not an album that is listened to for one or two songs, once it starts playing; there is no stopping it, each song just as catchy as the one prior.

Adding to the album is the simple appropriateness of the cover art, the image of a paper cowboy, a representation of the child-like ‘no care’ manner the album appears to signify. I only hope the threesome make it to our shores sometime soon, as I can’t help but feel that live these songs would take on even more of a life of their own.

Born Ruffians’ MySpace
Hummingbird’ mp3
Barnacle Goose’ mp3
‘Kurt Vonnegut’ mp3

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