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The Millionaires @ The Beach Road Hotel 17/06/2008

June 19, 2008

OK – so we have two of Australia’s fairly prestigious male frontmen in the form of both Brendan Gallagher and Dave McCormack. One being at the forefront of one of Australia’s most earthly of earthly acts – Karma Country. The second person, being the former lead singer of the fantabulous Custard as well as other great music projects like The Polaroids has a esteemed following and has played to hundreds of people before.

Then, why the hell were there only TEN people who came to a gig that featured a band with the above two immense talents – for two full length sets mind you. TEN people!!! This band should have at least half a filled room with the personell on display. But no, the crowd was literally just the group of friends I was with, another group of three, the sound guy and some loner in the corner who looked as if his date stood him up…

Well there are a few problems here. Firstly – it was held at in the restaurant part of the Beach Road Hotel. The result which saw snooty Bondi locals enjoying their rare steaks stare in bewilderment at the country band on stage. (“Who the hell that weirdos and why are they ruining my $50 meal?”). Secondly – the venue doesn’t seem to want to advertise anywhere except for their own little matte polished booklets that you can get at the Hotel only that no one really reads anyway. Thirdly – the PA and mix setup was such that it was the equivalent to a high school band competition in the school hall. And finally – it was a Tuesday, and really us Sydneysiders don’t take kindly to wet Tuesday nights and like to reside at home when the smallest smidge of water from the heavens might ruin our haircuts. Ugh. I hate this town’s enthusiasm (or lack of it) for the live music scene sometimes.

In any case, the set mooted along with some lovely rollickingness. For some reason I only noticed the whole shtick to the band was playing country-fied cover versions when they broke into George Michael’s Faith. Other notable covers were The Triffids’ Wide Open Road and Hank Williams’ Honky Tonkin’. According to a few members of my group, there were a few originals in the set, but I like the jibe of the band and their concept.

I really hate writing three paragraphs of a gig review that is basically me complaining about the live scene in Sydney, but it really did effect the enjoyment of The Millionaires’ gig in some way. Let’s just hope the last three remaining nights of their residency at the Beach Road gets a bit more of an audience than last Tuesday.

You can catch the Millionaires on the 17th & 24th of June and 1st of July at The Beach Road Hotel. Their debut album Sentimental Horses is out now too.

Official myspace
The Millionaires – “Faith” mp3 (via YSI)
The Millionaires – “Honky Tonkin'” mp3 (via YSI)

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  1. James permalink
    June 19, 2008 4:07 pm

    Wow, might have to check them out on one of their next gigs… Sound like good fun!

    As for the Tuesday night gigs; close to half of the things I go to seem to be on a Tuesday night, maybe it’s just a Sydney thing? Who would know. The live music scene does seem to kind of suck here, though.

    I’ve only heard of that venue once before, and that was because Vanilla Ice played there last New Years’ Eve. Oh my…

  2. Alexandra permalink
    June 19, 2008 11:20 pm

    Awww, I hate it when no one turns up. I feel so bad for the band. They sound pretty awesome.

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