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The Scare, The Process and Dead Before Death Gang @ Roxanne Parlour (Melbourne) 20/06/08

June 22, 2008

I’ll begin with confessions. The Scare is my favourite band, and so no matter how God-awful a performance, I still view it through very, very rose-tinted glasses. I’m also easily persuaded by a good looking venue, and Roxanne is very, very fine! Laced with red, antique light fixtures and old 70’s couches, this intimate venue was perfect for the night’s events!
First to play was two-piece Dead before Death Gang. Made up of guitar and drums, the sound the pair produced was wirery and sharp, along the vein of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, with the singer drawling out long winding sentences in a monotonous tone over the top. While the band didn’t seem to express an out-right burst of energy, they came in waves of slow, winding guitar and fast hectic mess of drums and screeches.

Second stage-gracers were The Process, looking like a slightly dirtier version Interpol, only I think I saw The Process smile. While it somewhat pains me to make such a comparison, when listening to the generous soundscapes coming from this band, I can’t help but see a similarity in them with New Order. Each song blended into the other, the band’s energy never wavering. The lead singer’s vocals were dark, matching the heavy yet atmospheric noise of the rest of the band. There was an element of danger to this quintet, rare to be found in bands these days.

Then of course, The Scare. Due to lead singer Kiss Reid’s tendency to saunter around the audience, choosing victims to pull down to the ground, I stood to the side a fair bit, to try and stay out of harm’s way. Their set was short and sweet, after recovering from some minor technical difficulties after their opener Ghetto Psalms (it’s been a couple of days and my memory for thing like set lists is shot, so don’t quote me on that!). Each explosive number was linked by endearing banter from the front man, while guitarist Brock seemed to become more and more annoyed with the token concert-goer whose main goal is to gain the attention of the band by yelling their own lyrics right up in their faces. They punched out the songs of ‘Chivalry’, in the punk fashion of The Birthday Party, with loud guitar, booming drums and unnerving vocals.

As much as I love this band, I can’t help but feel as if they are becoming complacent with the Australian audience, no matter how energetic and wild they are. Rumour has it that they are in the midst of recording new material; hopefully a second long-player will be on its way soon.
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