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End of Fashion Residency @ Northcote Social Club (Melbourne) with Young Lovers and The Polites 1/07/08

July 2, 2008

It’s a Tuesday night, I am sick and all the sleep lost on the weekend has caught up with me, but I still managed to make my way down to the Northcote Social Club to catch End of Fashion during their residency.
Starting the night off was bluesy rock quintet The Polites, armed with melancholic rock and rolls songs, Black Rebel Motor Cycle-esque metallic guitar and simple drums, held together by effortless organ melodies and loud bass lines. I couldn’t help but become enthralled by the genuine talent each member possessed over their instrument. This isn’t a band that is loud or in your face, they let their music show what they’re all about, and their bluesy guitar songs certainly impressed me.
Second in line was Young Lovers, with their synth-laced pop rock songs. One after the other, each catchy dance track was filled with energy, though still not enough to get the audience to their feet, until they managed to woo everyone with their outstanding cover of the INXS hit, ‘Just Keep Walking’. This band is fun and definitely one to dance to, though unfortunately the Tuesday night crowd appeared to be in somewhat of the same sickly stupor I was.
Then of course, hailing from Perth was End of Fashion, looking a little worse for wear, but happy to be there, as Justin, just like the night’s crowd, was recovering from the flu caught somewhere in between the band’s residencies at both the Northcote Social Club and Sydney’s Annandale Hotel. While the show(s) were to stretch their legs (not playing a show since 2006) and to show off some new material from their up and coming sophomore release ‘Book of Lies’, due September sometime. While the newer songs stayed true to the easy-going nature that End of Fashion are known for, they appeared to have a bit more of an attitude, though of course no less fun than their cheekier songs from their debut. When hearing front man Justin sing, I was reminded of just how great his voice is, and to hear it live was even better, as End of Fashion have always been one of those bands I end up missing at festivals and what-not. Even though a majority of their set was of new, unheard song their of course had time to play the favourites, such as ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ and ‘Oh Yeah’, finishing it with their trademark Pixies Tribute.
I am glad I finally got to see this band, and I highly recommend that next Tuesday anyone in the vicinity of the NSC should make their way down to catch their last residency show.
End Of Fashion’s Official MySpace
End Of Fashion – ‘Oh Yeah’ mp3
Young Lovers’ Official MySpace
The Polites’ Official MySpace
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  1. Philippe permalink
    July 2, 2008 9:48 pm

    Sounded like everyone was sick!

    Awesome stuff heading to the gig anyways. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan though of EOF

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