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Spod – Cats! video

July 2, 2008

There is 1 thing that I think we should take away from the below video – the newest one for Spod entitled “Cats!”: Why aren’t Powerpoint presentations used more for music videos?

Either way you are going to think that the below showcase for Spod’s new single is either the greatest video ever made or a waste of 2:36 of your life. Personally, I’m yet to decide.

Here ’tis:

Also some times to look out for:

0:51 – Rockin Out Cat!
1:20 – Terrorist Cat!
1:42 – WTF? OK that was a little weird considering the video is about um, cats?
2:14 – Cat at the races!

Spod has a new album called Aminals (no that is not a typo) which is coming out later in the year.

Here’s also something rare and quirky from Quan (from Regurgitator) and Spod – When The Needle Hits (mp3). Funnily enough Spod is also touring with Regurgitator in August after a few shows with Children Collide. Check all the dates on Spod’s “showz” page.

Spod’s website myspace facebook

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  1. Nick permalink
    July 3, 2008 7:09 am

    Holy crap. Terrorist Cat was awesome.

  2. bellathedork permalink
    August 7, 2008 3:51 am

    haha oh god, it’s so weird that people are reposting this video… if you don’t feel that you’ve wasted your life after watching then I’ve clearly failed.

    spod specifically asked that the rasta dude, slag dancers and jamiroquai be included in the presentation.

    I feel that their addition cuts straight to the heart of what ‘cats’ truly represents, that being the suppression of the working classes, the rise of the post-imperialist age, and of course, the war in iraq.

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