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Wolf & Cub @ Northcote Social Club (Melbourne) with The Holidays and Downtown 04/07/08

July 5, 2008

Before last Friday I had never been to the Northcote Social Club, but for the third time in 7 days I was down there again (making up for lost time!), to see Adelaide quartet Wolf & Cub on tour in support of their newest single, ‘One to the Other’.
Starting off the night was three piece/sort of four piece Downtown. This band was a confusing one to watch, they were messy and appeared careless. Joining the drummer, bassist and guitarist was a friend, deciding to woo the barely-there crowd with his dancing talents. Everything was loud an echoey, bass, guitar and vocals, as if an attempt to hide any lack of practise, or maybe even talent. Though despite the frustration this band seemed to make everyone feel due to their recklessness, there was SOMETHING there. Their severely unstructured and unpractised songs have some bizarre appeal to them, though not many people thought the same, as everyone seemed disjointed at their attitude.
Coming in second was Sydney-siders The Holidays, with their catchy indie pop anthems. The live reincarnations were nothing less than fun and happy. With the relaxed and down-to-earth demeanour, jumpy metallic guitar and simple sing-a-long lyrics, similarities are draw to the Arctic Monkey’s earlier material. The Holidays were definitely the ones to pick up the growing crowd, gaining a group of new fans who enjoyed their upbeat and relaxed tunes.
Wolf & Cub graced the stage in a explosion of noise, and a flash of red and blue lights, a long and winding jam leading into their first song of the night, ‘Vessels’. The four boys were in fine form, and proud to be playing to the audience the new material off of their up and coming second long-player. Tearing through personal favourite ‘Thousand Cuts’, causing a raucous stir amongst concert goers, but nothing like the reaction at the opening riff of ‘This Mess’, encapsulating the whole band in a single song. Again, this is a band I always end up missing for one reason or another, and so to finally have the opportunity to see this amazing band in action was fantastic. Their dirty, snaking guitar and two drum kits working together as one with the loud bass created large psychedelic soundscapes, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, and yet still maintaining a contemporary appeal. After last night I am definitely waiting with baited breath for the new album, because if their live performance of the new tracks was anything to go by, it’s going to be AMAZING!!!
Wolf & Cub Official MySpace
Wolf & Cub Official Webpage
The Holidays Official MySpace
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  1. Philippe permalink
    July 5, 2008 9:43 am

    I’m heading to their Adelaide gig tonight! Woo!

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