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Mystery Jets – Twenty One (2008)

July 11, 2008

March saw the release of the Mystery Jets’ third long-player, ‘Twenty One’. I realise that March was ages ago, but it has only been that I have come around to finally listening to it. I know, ‘Poor form Alexandra, poor form’. You know what, I completely agree with you, because I seriously wish I had discovered this band, let alone the album earlier, as I have come to discover – they are fantastic! But, before I go on, I have another confession; it took me to see this picture of the Mystery Jet boys to actually motivate me to listen to their music –

Lovely, aren’t they?
While the first track gives hint to electronic influences, with hectic synth and drum machines, track number two, “Young Love”, the tale of a poor boy losing his unknown crushes’ number, is a simple poppy number with guest vocals from Laura Marling and job of lead vocals taken on by Guitarist William Rees.
Personal favourite is ‘Half in Love with Elizabeth’, with loose, shouty harmonies that you can sing along to, the line ‘and His half in love with Elizabeth/and he’s half with you’ to be the one that you get stuck in your head and sing all day. ‘Umbrellahead’ is a quirky number with cabaret-esque piano, to then lead into ‘Hand Me Down’ with delicate guitar, keyboards, bass and even front man Blaine Harrison’s vocals are fragile, adding to the desperation of the song.
Finishing of the album is the 12 minute “Behind The Bunhouse”, starting off with the noise of a static radio and melancholic violin, before Harrison’s heartbreaking vocal join in.
This album is another one in the collection that you can just throw on, and listen to through and through, their easy-listening brand of guitar pop one to keep the senses entertained but not exhausted.
Mystery Jets – Young Love
Mystery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth
Mystery Jets – Hand Me Down
Mystery Jets MySpace
(Sorry, this is only a short review, I was in a rush. I promise my next entries will be a bit more substantial. That’s more a promise to myself. I hate writing little ones, makes me feel lazy.)
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  1. Philippe permalink
    July 12, 2008 12:56 am

    Ahhhh the clothes are burning my eyes! :P

  2. James permalink
    July 13, 2008 11:55 am

    Thank you very much for this, they’re awesome!

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