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Beck – Modern Guilt (2008)

July 12, 2008

This album was leaked for a week or so before its release on the 8th of July, and I had it there, sitting on my computer, but for some reason I never got around to listening to it, and the only reason I ever really got to hear it for the first time was because we played it at work. Turning to Danger Mouse for the production, Beck presents his eight studio album,” Modern Guilt”.
Beck has this amazing way of reinventing himself, sort of like Madonna, only he’s not an old lady in a leotard. Each album he create has its own personality, and though still containing that quirkiness that Beck is renowned for, it is always different from the last. It’s seems that with this album is almost an attempt at chill out music!
Each track is steady paced, and while still has the odd pop sensibilities present in all of Beck’s work, it’s relaxed and laid-back. Found on the opening track “Orphans” and “Wall” is the vocal assistance of the lovely Cat Power, making a cool album even cooler!
Single number one off of ‘Modern Guilt’ is “Chemtrails”, the perfect snapshot of the attitude of the whole album, with second single and favourite of mine, “Gamma Ray” the most eccentric song of the whole 10. Each song, though minimalistic, each has a unique feature such as “Replica” and its Aphex Twin-like fuzzy drum machine or “Profanity Prayer” with short, country-esque guitar solo.
This album has had rave reviews from music press worldwide, though I do adore this, I can’t help but wonder why it has received the outstanding reviews it has, it there is nothing particularly special about it. But maybe that is why it has done as well as it has, because it’s an album that holds no pretences, it’s Beck at his most relaxed and unchallenging, “Modern Guilt” being an album to just make you content no matter what scale of Beck fan you are. It’s definitely an album that does not really have any stand out tracks in particular, but one to be enjoyed as a whole.
(I’m sorry for these last few reviews being kind of sucky. I’m going to try and lift my game, I promise!)
Beck’s MySpace
‘Chemtrails’ mp3
‘Gamma Ray’ mp3
And, for old time sake! –
‘Sexx Laws’ mp3
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