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Children Collide at the Northcote Social Club (Melbourne) 25/07/08 with Spod and The Process

July 27, 2008

Leading up to the night of the 25th of July, I had a difficult decision to make. It was either see New Zealand power pop extraordinaires Cut Off Your Hands at the Corner Hotel with Spun Rivals, a local favourite of mine, or Children Collide at the NSC. I don’t know how it was, as I’m not even aware that I made a conscious decision, but I ended up in a rather dreary Northcote to see the Melbourne punk outfit play in support of their new ep/single ‘Social Currency’.
Starting off the night was The Process, a determining factor in my decision. What can I say about this band that I haven’t already said before? Armed with a Depeche Mode-esque mix of synth and guitar, strung together with dark and haunting vocals reminiscent of Ian Curtis, this band is an intimidating and treacherous force to be reconed with.
Joining Children Collide on their small jaunt of dates was Spod. Well, he was interesting to say the least! He can be taken in two ways – as some crazy guy that rights really crappy songs about everything and nothing and has only gotten as far as he has because of the ‘stupid’ factor of his music and performance, or as some crazy guy that writes quirky pop songs that contain an ingenuity behind all of the idiotic talk and drawing of fake moustaches. I’m yet to decide where I stand. Some were frustrated by his uncouth routine while others were completely taken by his bizarre display. Maybe it’s irony, maybe stupidity; he is definitely one that finds me sitting on the fence.

Then of course Children Collide! One song in, Heath was plagued with a problematic bass, and so, while waiting for things to be sorted out, a drunken audience member took it upon himself to entertain the crowd, grabbing the microphone and spieling drunken words of nothingness to then be joined by Johnny on guitar and Ryan on drums for an impromptu performance of a number called ‘Du Haust Bitch’. When everything was sorted out, the three boys tore through a dirty and electric set consisting of the new single ‘Social Currency’, ‘Brave Robot’, ‘Cannibal’ and a blistering personal favourite, ‘You Look Good On Paper’. Many bands out there claiming to be ‘punk’ would have nothing on this band and their loud, erratic songs and hectic, energetic live performance. Their set was solid but explosive, and in true punk fashion – NO ENCORE!
The band has a string of support dates with both The Living End and Hoodoo Gurus; visit their MySpace page for the deets!
Children Collide MySpace
Spod MySpace
The Process MySpace
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