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The Paper Scissors at the Northcote Social Club (Melbourne) 26/07/08 with the Seabellies and the Fearless Vampire Killers

July 27, 2008

It was cold and rainy but like the trooper I am, I made my way down to the Northcote Social Club for the second night in a row. Unfortunately I missed the Paper Scissor the last time they came through town with Blue Juice, and so jumped at the opportunity to catch them before they settle in for some down time.
Starting off to a crowd of no more than 20 or so was my local favourites, the Fearless Vampire Killers. Despite the depleted crowd, they exhumed a passion that many bands nowadays lack. The bluesy riffs coming from Al’s guitar wind in, out and around the heart breaking vocals of front man Seán, each rock and roll number performed is a catchy display of the ingenuity this band has at song writing and of the great undeniable talent each of the four members have over their craft.

Second to play was the Seabellies, a band that I admit, know very little about. Though my lack of knowledge on this band played to their advantage, as nothing pleases me more than to be blown away by a band I’ve never heard before, and blow me away is what the Seabellies managed to do. The sextet wowed the half-full club with they’re display of musicianship, main vocalist Trent showed his skill not only on guitar, but on keys bass and drums, while main keyboard wrangler Steph showed off her skills on the saxophone and accordion. Each indie pop song was unique and calming, and seemed to raise the spirits the quite NSC crowd.

Finishing off was headliners The Paper Scissors….obviously, hailing from Sydney. There is something completely daggy about this band, shown in their modest clothing and stage demeanour and even through the available merchandise, I know I want a Paper Scissors library bag and tea towel! It’s refreshing to watch a serious band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Though their array of unique and quirky pop songs took awhile to stir the crowd up, by the end people were moving about with energy.

Though on record the thing most noticeable about the music is the drums, live the songs are guitar driven and loud, the best display of this in their finale of ‘We Don’t Walk’ joined onstage by the Seabellies. The other great thing….No encore! Wooohoooo! It has been a good weekend!
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