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Children Collide ‘Social Currency’ single/ep (2008)

August 5, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I went and saw Melbourne punk trio Children Collide at the Northcote Social Club, touring in support of their most recent single ‘Social Currency’, in which was released in a short, four song ep. On hearing several months ago that the boys were signing to major label Universal Music, I was sitting on the fence as to whether this would be a good thing or not, but waited it out to hear what the outfit would produce during their time spent in Los Angeles and on the new label. Judging by this short but explosive four song effort, the time away from home did them some good and the album, due sometime in October, is definitely one I look forward too.
Opening with echoey guitar, “Social Currency” is a fine display of what Children Collide are all about, loud punk rock songs that have a peculiar intelligence about them shown in the pop sensibility of the song, almost sly and sneaky, rather than an obvious attempt to make you dance. Also on the single is a slightly more polished version of “Economy”, also found on the band’s ‘Glass Mountain Liars’ ep. This song channels an angrier and ‘pissed off’ edge, shown the almost growling vocals and the all-round dark and rather heavy tone the instruments create. “Hail Good Fellow” is a slower number, and while “Economy” exhumes rage, this seems to be slightly more conniving, the slow bassline and metallic guitar representing something bubbling under the surface. Compared to the other tracks, ‘Chameleon’ is sort of slower, though still contains that hectic appeal that runs through all of Children Collide’s music, though instead of the brash appeal, this song exhibit a melancholy side shown through almost heartbreaking vocals.
It’s exciting to have these guys back in the country, and even though they have finished up headliner dates, they still have a bucket load of dates in support of the Hoodoo Gurus and the Living End, a great amount of time for them to show off what fantastic new material they have in store for us in the very new future.
“Social Currency” mp3 ;)
“We Are Amphibious” mp3, taken from ‘Glass Mountain Liars’ ep
(I couldn’t find a picture of the cover, if anyone finds one, could you please send it to me?)
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