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Pivot – O Soundtrack My Heart (2008)

August 15, 2008
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If Make Me Love You was a admirer’s nod towards Tortoise, then Pivot’s second effort O Soundtrack My Heart is a definite step towards the Holy Fuck realm of post rock, if that’s what you want to call it nowadays. The main difference being a more explosive noisier Pivot as opposed to a more detailed and intricate This album is a crunchy blend of sounds which disguises itself as melody and tunage , and pulls it off quite well.

The interesting thing about Soundtrack is that it’s quite seamless listening, very much like it’s predecessor. Pivot here are a band exploring, and searching around for that sound. Maybe “testing the waters” would be more the correct expression I’m trying to find here. Although with a band like Pivot I suppose everything they do is “testing the waters”. Nevertheless, the now-trio which recently signed to Warp Records should feel at home and satisfied with the sound which we hear on this release. It kind of fits in snugly with their more guitar wielding label mates.

In The Blood and Didn’t I Furious emphasise those harsh noises while the title track references a more 70’s style of musicianship. At times I felt as if I was tuning into a soundtrack of a film of that era, which is quite ironic in a way because Pivot are a band who is very forward thinking in their approach to music making. A bold album from a band not afraid to take a large sidestep to their sound.

Pivot Myspace
Pivot Website

Pivot also have started putting together radio shows and offering them as podcasts as well called O Download My Heart. You can get them by putting this into your podcast RSS reader:

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