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Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? (2008)

August 24, 2008

Morgan Spurlock entertained us with his transformation in Supersize Me. A doco which poked fun at the guzzling big corporation that is Macca’s. In this, his follow up to that insightful piece, Morgan goes onto a journey halfway across the world to find the world’s most notorious terrorist. No it ain’t George Dubya, but Osama Bin Laden or “OBL” as he describes him throughout the film. Essentially the whole basis on which he leaves his heavily pregnant wife to go on this journey is to investigate what is in store for his future kid and reassure to himself as well that hopefully, all will be well in the world that the we all grow up in *insert nice smelly flowers here*.

All as he might try, Morgan really doesn’t hit the mark on Where In The World… at all. It felt as if I had heard it all before and in a way the whole ordeal which Morgan’s journey is planned out smelt of pretentiousness. There were times which it felt I was being fed propaganda as Morgan talked down to us about what really was “right” and what was “wrong” in Middle Eastern politics. The usage of some cute computer graphics emulating a fighter style game was interesting, but it seemed that just made up for the futile nature of this idea and the filler that was fed to us in the name of a investigative journalistic junket.

And of course, it pretty much goes without saying that you know the ending to this film – he doesn’t find him. So, as his backup plan to what this doco should be about, Morgan goes around Middle Eastern countries and speaks to as many Muslims (and the occasional US Guard) to give a one sided view point for the majority of the film. Along with it being displayed in a very patronising kind of way. If you’re looking for something that’s worthwhile and really challenging to the mind, then don’t go see this documentary. Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden is a converted and associated preachers zone only.

Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? – 3/10

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