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Alexandra’s Favourite* Cover songs!

September 5, 2008

(* Denotes FAVOURITE cover songs, NOT best cover songs….Thank you very much!)
Ok, I like a good cover song. Sometimes they can be ridiculously tacky and can bring a lot of ‘WTF?’ moments, but I think they’re a bit of fun, and so I am presenting my favourite cover songs!

Klaxons (Blackstreet) No Diggity.
This cover by Klaxons was done for some radio show in the UK. To hear a trio of pasty white English boys tackle a rap song…well, you would think it to be one of those ‘WTF?’ moments mentioned before, but they pull it off rather well!

Liars (Bjork) Army of Me.
This song, along with the rest of the ‘Post’ album was covered by various artists and released by Stereogum as a free-to-download tribute to Bjork. To be completely honest, I like this better than the original. It’s dark and moody, and even sort of creepy, with the addition of some booming cannon sounds, and the vocals all distorted. They truly make this song their own, and yet still maintaining that dark and bizarre Bjork appeal in the song, making it a perfect tribute.

The Raconteurs and Sahara Hotnights (The Undertones) Teenage Kicks.
This song has been covered to death, but I love Jack White and he can do no wrong, though the first time I even heard this song in any form as the Sahara Hotnights cover. It is pretty go, though to be honest I was 14 and going through this complete ‘riot grrl’ stage, and so anything performed by a band with more than one female member was awesome in my eyes. While The Raconteurs cover is more like the original, the Sahara Hotnight cover is lots of fun.

Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen (Kaiser Chiefs) Oh My God.
Like the Liars cover, I can’t help but like this somewhat more than the original. I love Lily Allen pretty vocals and the way Mark Ronson has turned it into an easy going pop song, with his trademark used of Dap Horns. Plus, he’s really sexy. That is all.

Cut Off Your Hands (Split Enz) Shark Attack.
Closer to the beginning of the year, on their MySpace power pop quartet Cut Off Your Hands posted a few cover songs, this being one of them. One quirky punk NZ band taking on another! It’s fast paced and COYH have truly managed to make it their own.

Blur (Elvis Costello) Oliver’s Army.
Blur are one of my favourite bands all of all time, and this is a song that has somehow stuck with me through my childhood. It’s not a great cover, but with Damon Albarn’s lazy English vocals, it’s fun!

The Vines (Outkast) Ms Jackson
I have mentioned before I love the Vines and don’t particularly care what anybody else has to say. This cover just never seems to die, with the band STILL playing live 4 years after it was released on their debut record, ‘Highly Evolved’. It’s slowed down, and the whole ‘gangsta’ theme is chucked out the window and replaced with slow and delicate guitar. They take a sleazy rap song and make it a love song!

The Horrors (The Syndicats) Crawdaddy Simone
The Horrors took a creepy pop song about some crazy killer and….turned it right back into a creepy pop song, only louder. Though they didn’t do something that is completely different to the original, they bought this classic song to a new music audience.

(P.S – mp3’s in links!)

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  1. James permalink
    September 5, 2008 1:33 pm

    I’m currently in love with the Ramones’ version of ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ (originally Beach Boys, for anyone who for some reason doesn’t know). And as much as I love the Beach Boys (shh), I find it hard to go back to their version of this.

  2. James permalink
    September 7, 2008 8:46 am

    Oh oh! I have to mention:

    – The Shins’ cover of We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service – I like The Shins’ version better than the original, it’s so brilliant!

    – Franz Ferdinand’s cover of All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem. They took on something big – I consider the song one of the best of last year – and nailed it brilliantly.

  3. Alexandra permalink
    September 7, 2008 10:26 am

    Yeah! Franz’s version is awesome, I love it to! I was considering adding it, but forgot when I came to writing it up. Both this and ‘songs that make me emo’ need a part 2.

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