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Final Fanatasy – Spectrum, 14th Century EP (2008)

September 5, 2008

So I’m holding out hope the Final Fantasy will be the Beirut of this year’s upcoming Meredith and his new EP Spectrum, 14 Century only helps add credence to my fantasy. Recorded with some of the dudes from Beirut’s band, it’s one the two EPs that are preceding the release of Owen Pallett’s third album which is due out next year. It’s a nifty and atmospheric release which is a bit of a departure from his other more violin driven work.

Owen’s violin is still here on all tracks but it takes a back seat on several of them which are more filled out with horns borrowed from Mr Beirut and Co. There is also a lot of focus put on the ambient sounds and the overall tone is like a quiet summer’s night with crickets chirping, it’s quite peaceful. The production is really pristine and everything sounds brilliant, Owen’s vocals are also very well done. ‘The Butcher’ is catchy and with some great lyrics, the strings especially shine. Owen really let’s loose vocally as well, “Every morning I listen to confessional, I don’t give a shit about the bulk of it but still I keep it professional”. I always love a good religious themed song.

Of course one thing that is nice about Final Fantasy is the constant geek references, I mean really, he’s named after a video game so you would have to expect them but they are clever and quirky. The closing track ‘The Ballad of No-Face’ excites me because I assume it is a reference to Spirited Away which is pretty awesome, it’s also a nice song too. I really dig this EP, it’s not quite as catchy as other things I’ve heard from him but it’s pleasant listen and the atmospheric nature only add to it. Oh by the way, sorry there is no album art but I can’t find it…

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Final Fantasy – Spectrum, 14th Century (2008)

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