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Introductions: The Yelling!

September 8, 2008

Vocalist Nathaniel Cox and guitarist Robert Davis grew up in Illinois, and with the dream to start a band, made their way to Los Angeles, and it was here The Yelling was born! It was only back in May when I first stumbled across this band and their music, via FutureSounds. On hearing their track ‘Blood on The Steps’, I instantly fell in love with the wirey, static Led Zeppelin-meets-White Stripes blusey music they belted out. The Yelling are a rare breed. Not many ‘rock’ bands today have the power behind their songs that these guys have, but this band create genuine rock and roll songs, something that hasn’t been managed since only God can remember, with booming drums, hectic guitar and vocals that travel from the deepest depths to blood curtling screams!
There is nothing pretentious about this, it is nothing less than a fine example of what rock and roll really is!
Basically, these guys are kick-ass!
The Yelling’s MySpace
The Yelling ‘Blood on The Steps’ mp3
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