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Mercy Arms – Mercy Arms (2008)

September 9, 2008

Mercy Arms have been a band that I have known about for a while, but never actually ever got around to buy one of their albums or catching them live. After hearing several songs on the radio during the months leading up to their debut self titled release, which was only two weeks ago, my curiosity for this band sky rocketed, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Despite prominent support slots on tours with the likes of the Pixies and the Strokes, due to long-winded label troubles it has taken a while for the four Sydney boys to get this record out, but the result is magnificent!

Opening up the album is ‘Down Here, So Long’, a slow and atmospheric number, with gentle lyrics, rather reminiscent of the soft nature of Youth Group. Though the song is rather peaceful, it creates a wall of sound that could do nothing less than blow your mind if played live. First single ‘Half Right’ is fast-paced with a display of all elements found on the album, simple lyrics sung in an easy-going pop nature, guitar driven and a display of epic noise. Five-minute long ‘Footsteps’ is another example of the generous soundscapes found throughout the album, teamed with what sound like church bells during the chorus. ‘Kilby’ cuts back on the noise and it a simplistic indie guitar pop song, showing the delicate vocals of front man Thom Moore, ‘Speed’ starts of as a dreamy pop number, to slow down into a poetic piano number, until ‘Shine A Light’ takes it listener down a dark, derelict alley and into the mind of either some dilapidated junkie or abandon stray cat, it is up to the listen to decide. This track exhumes a raw, slightly punk rock appeal, dirtier than any of the other songs, and my personal favourite.

Mercy Arms are a great big mix of many different things, the noisy soundscapes of Echo and the Bunnymen, the pop sensibility of The Pixies and the subtly dirtiness of Television. I can imagine the live reincarnates of this group of magic songs could be nothing less than mind-blowing.

Mercy Arms’ MySpace
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  1. Philippe permalink
    September 9, 2008 9:27 pm

    There was an interesting gig of theirs gig I went to once in this danky Uni Bar. They were all dressed in white and jeans as skinny as anything!

  2. Alexandra permalink
    September 9, 2008 9:36 pm

    Really??……that sounds so sexy.

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