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Van She @ The Peninsular Lounge (Moorooduc) with Lost Valentinos 10/09/08

September 13, 2008

After finding their album to be a little lack-lustrous, I was eager to see what Van She had to offer live, and so when the opportunity arose to go see these Modular-darlings I snaffled it right up, to see if any possible life could be brought out in the songs that on record just felt so flat.

Arriving late, I walked into the band room to be smacked in the face by a loud wall of noise, made by Lost Valentinos, Van She’s support for this album launch tour. Wearing a uniform of black skinny jeans and leather jackets, their attire matched their music. They had loud electric beats, but were laden with a dark and dirty appeal. With the (highly underage) crowd glued to the couches around the edges of the room, the lead vocalist took the opportunity to balance along the unneeded barrier, in between sitting down behind it, out of view from the crowd. Though I feel as if they didn’t play to their full capabilities, due to lack of crowd enthusiasm, it definitely planted a seed of interest in me, as I can only imagine their Depeche Mode-esque numbers being nothing less than mind blowing if in a more passionate and excited setting.

The thing I felt with the album, no matter how far the volume was turned up, it was flat and sort of shallow. But right from the moment the for Sydney boys set foot on stage, there was an appeal of excitement and action brought to their music. Not only was their performance loud, but textured, and like the band before hand, even had a dirty, rough side that doesn’t show on ‘V’. The music was actually something you could dance to! Though I thought I would never say something like this about such a clean-looking band, there was something teetering on a slightly punk edge. It was nice to see the effort that was put in by the band for such a shirt and uninspiring crowd, such as a backdrop and projector set up, showing clips of 1980’s teen flicks such as ‘Heathers’, and even a hardly warranted encore. I feel as though Van She, like Lost Valentinos, would have benefited from a larger crowd, but the boys played awesome and managed to resuscitate what was lost in the recording studio.

To any Van She fan that found themselves disappointed by the album should make the effort to see them live, because there is a great possibility your mind will be changed, I know my has. Sort of. ‘V’ still sucked.

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  1. Aaron Carr permalink
    September 15, 2008 3:15 am

    Agree with you there, was hangin for V but was dissapointed, seem them in Tassie on Sat night, small but crazy crowd. They went off, songs sounded so much punchier than their album.

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