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King Khan & BBQ Show – What’s For Dinner? (2006)

September 29, 2008

King Khan & BBQ Show are two pals from Montreal (is every good band from here!?) who, according to Wikipedia, mix ‘doo-wop and punk‘.I feel as though that is a pretty accurate description, mostly I think they just play fun songs with a very garage influenced sound in both the song writing and the production. Mostly they just write really good songs that look to the past for inspiration but are able to sound fresh and extremely fun.

The guitar is mostly what it’s all about here. Trebly lo-fi 50s sounding riffs with a punk influence make up most of the songs. They are super fast, fast, mid tempo and occasionally pretty slow, although they are all upbeat and there is a real sense of fun and summer with this record. The drums really take a back seat to everything else and you hardly notice them until you pay attention, they are mostly simple beats but they allow the guitars and vocals to shine. The production is quite raw which is fantastic, again giving the album a bit of a 1950s feel and gives the important guitar a lot of energy.

Tying in with the aforementioned ‘doo-wop’ influence is the fantastic vocals. Sometimes they are straight up shouty punk vocals but when they work best is when some warm melodies and harmonies shine through. “I’ll Never Belong” is a mid tempo song that has trebly guitar riffs, a boogie style beat and hooky melodies. The vocals, like everything else, sound pretty raw and passionate. The vocals duties are switched up song to song so they always sound fresh and interesting. I couldn’t tell you which dude is singing track to track but it works best when they work together such as on the excellent, “Why Don’t You Lie?”

What’s For Dinner? is a fantastic piece of pop music. Not everything is a stand out but the shifting tempo and tricky trebly guitar keeps everything flowing nicely and it’s a great driving album. Especially if you have the windows down. It’s nice to see old ideas take shape in a new context without coming off as too derivative or boring. I hope for a tour here soon seeing as how the last one was cancelled.

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    January 13, 2009 7:43 am

    hey! great blog!
    i can’t seem to open with that password. just wondering if you could help.

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