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The Whitlams @ The State Theatre 12/09/08

September 29, 2008

So let me relay a conversation I had with someone recently:

Me: “I’m gonna go see The Whitlams. I used to be a pretty huge fan – I even drove to Bundaberg once to see them!”

Other Party:
“Buahaha you loser”

“No but they were really good in their heyday. Tim Freedman writes songs about loneliness and loss and love. Eternal Nightcap was…”

Other Party (cutting me off): “Pfft. Shut up or my head will explode!”

Me: “But they have received the greatest Independent sales of any independent band in Australia!!!”

Other Party: “Yeah, but that doesn’t counter for how much dipshit piano players are slaughtering non shit ones”

And so it was this comment in which this “Other Party” strode off into the night with. Here I was, with 2 other “fans” at the boujois State Theatre waiting for these bastions of my teenage years come on stage. I wasn’t sure exactly why I was here. I think it was both nostalgia and curiousness. Nostalgia – to remember those days of heading to every gig Tim Freedman and his band played. Curiousness – because I hadn’t seen them for years and was keen to see what they were up to.

Unfortunately something went wrong between now and that time ago when I was really into this band. My “Other Party” was more or less right. Tim Freedman has gone soft and become a lame parody of a former even lamer version of himself. Songs like Ease Of The Midnight Visit and Breathing You In really just show how Freedman has pandered to the ideas of success.

And I suppose good luck to him. If he can write a soulless songs like Blow Up The Pokies and Thank You and sell a mozza well, then it depletes the faith I had in the music buying public. The so called public which The Whitlams have garnered, however, seem to be the mid to old wrinkly crowd, a far cry from their JJJ days. That crowd were out in force tonight. A 30 piece female orchestra also kind of added some value to the performance, but I felt so out of place that I think I had to go to Lowes to fit in.

There were obviously the strong hits like No Aphrodisiac and I Make Hamburgers but something was just lacking despite the prestige surrounds.

The Whitlams website
The Whitlams myspace

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