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Invincible (2003)

October 15, 2008

I think it’s been a while since I blogged about comics and I also think that I have been pretty lazy with updates lately so hopefully I will improve from this EXACT moment in time. I caught up with all 50 so odd issues of Invincible a fair while ago now but I felt the need to write about it and express my growing love for the writing of Robert Kirkman. Invincible is a comic that on the surface sounds a little unoriginal (like Kirkman’s main other work) but once you get into it you realise that everything is not what it seems the characters have a real depth and human quality to them that is hard to find in comics.

It follows the story of Mark Grayson who is the son of earth’s favourite superhero Omni-Man (who is an alien, not in a green martian way but in a human looking Superman way, although he has a moustache), he is a high school student and as the norm in comic books his own inherited powers begin to manifest. Initially the comic deals with Mark figuring out his powers and saving the world with his Dad, the family dynamics explored are excellent and quite funny. Of course there is the usual teenage stuff for him to deal with but it’s after about issue 8 that things become serious with one of the best twists I’ve seen pulled off in a story ever; it completely changes the dynamic of the book in a way you wouldn’t see coming.

It’s because of twists like this that Kirkman is such an amazing writer. He’s able to play with clichés and make them feel fresh again. The story above isn’t the most original thing ever but the way the characters deal with these events is refreshing, funny and human. On the surface the book seems pretty family friendly, the art is sharp, bright and colourful and the feel and tone is often light hearted. It’s because of this style that when things get rough that it is shocking, brutal and extremely alarming to the reader. The violence displayed is often gratuitous and a stark contrast to the rest of the art; it works well and suits the style of writing. As things progress the light hearted tone seems to prevail with the characters slipping into darkness when events warrant it but there is always a sense of adventure and creativity in the well rounded universe. It’s a fantastic comic book that has been going for over 50 issues now without screwing up once. Robert Kirkman is one of the most consistent writers in comics today and I really need to check out the rest of his stuff.

Invicible Issues 1-50

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