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Georgia Anne Muldrow – Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth (2006)

October 17, 2008

Olesi… isn’t really your standard run of the mill hip hop album. Well, considering that the underlying theme of the music on the release is the chaos enveloping the world, you could say it is so removed from hip hop that you’d actually think it probably would belong in the experimental shelves of a CD store. Georgia Anne Muldrow is the female to be signed to the Stones Throw record label, and her brand of oddball hip hop is full of odd time signatures, rambling instrumentation and weird sounds all over the place.

21 tracks permeate this album and there is not any sort of structure (ie chorus / verse / bridge) to any of them. Georgia sings around with melody lines with free abandon, and as such really gets away with murder in terms of a catchy chorus, a great verse, and so on. Rather than the words fitting the melody, the melody fits the songs. there are many examples of this throughout the album with free abandon tracks like Blackman just really floating around the ears. Feet is much the same while Lovelight brings a more dark tone to the album, even though, once again, a lack of any discernible chorus really makes the song just float by.

is the one of the tracks (along with Leroy) that resembles an actual structured song on Olesi… but then again, the tracks blatant oddness of having only a bass and a slight guitar line makes the track stick out like a sore thumb. However while saying that – this album is really an interesting album, which I think takes one step away from Andre 3000’s The Love Below towards the future of what hip hop could become.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – ‘Leroy’
Georgia Anne Muldrow – ‘Wrong Way’
Georgia Anne Muldrow myspace
Georgia Anne Muldrow on Stones Throw

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  1. November 19, 2009 4:35 am

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