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Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes (2008)

October 21, 2008

Canada will you ever stop producing nice music for me to listen to? Please don’t say yes. Land of Talk sound like Sarah Blasko if she lived in Canada and hung out with a bunch of indie rock kids who wanted to start a band. I hate to use the term ‘indie rock kids’ but I assume over there that they all hang out together; all being Arcade Fire, Of Montreal and BSS and co, and then make similar but different sounding music together. I know that the bands I just mentioned all have their own unique sound but its hard to deny there is some sort of unifying element in their work.

I believe Land of Talk have a close association with BSS and you can sort of hear it in their sound. They have a more a straightforward rock sound with less layers (Land of Talk are a three piece) but still with that indefinable guitar sound. The vocals are lovely and work well to create some dark and sometimes happy pop rock songs. “Give Me Back My Heart Attack” is a bass driven romp where Liz Powell’s vocals soar and occasionally squeak over some dissonant rock guitar. It’s a polished well written piece with a big chorus and catchy verses, it may sound sort of familiar but it’s a very good. It’s very much like the rest of the album, most of sounds like something I can never put my finger on but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. The guitar is solid with interesting riffs and the vocals are pretty but the lyrics stop them from becoming too sweet.

Things aren’t always a hit but they never completely miss. You can find good in each song if you give it a chance and to dismiss this as being generic would be to miss out on some really good pop moments. “It’s Okay” is a slow one, with a somewhat alt-country vibe. It rides with minimal guitar and dark melody, Powell’s sings ‘maybe when I die/I get to be a car/driving in the night/lighting up the dark’ and makes it sound sweet and endearing instead of stupid like it if it were to come from a less vocalist.

The title track is a highlight and the most catchy thing on offer. Effortless vocals hooks and some very nice guitar create a bright tune, that depending on your mood could be interpreted as the opposite. Its a fine example of what Land of Talk are capable of. Some Are Lakes is a very enjoyable listen and its only because of the highlights that some of the tracks fade into the background and begin to run together but it doesn’t really matter as even when it all sounds the same it still sounds pretty good.

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Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes

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