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Children Collide – The Long Now (2008)

November 3, 2008

(First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence. I had a bazillion essays and an exam to knock off before I could justify writing for pleasure. But now I am free for FOUR mother flippen’ MONTHS!)

After seeing the Melbourne trio live several months ago, I was pretty excited about their debut album, The Long Now, which was released the 11th of October. I’ve been listening to their two previous eps, We Three, Brave and True and Glass Mountain Liars for a while now, and so when this baby dropped I was pretty excited, though to be honest, I’m not sure if all my anticipation was exactly warranted.

The albums artwork brings a novelty, the moon-like circle made of ‘scratchy stuff’, revealing one of three possible covers – the earth, a clock or a golden voyager record (I got the earth, supposable the most common result, just my luck!)

The album opens up with new number ‘Across the Earth’, an introduction to the quirky space/alien/science/whatever theme running through the records song contents and artwork. You can hear all three instruments working hard to create the distorted atmosphere that features through all the tracks, before fading into the album’s first single, ‘Social Currency’ with echoing guitar and a chorus that you can’t help but scream long to. ‘Skeleton Dance’ once again contains that trademark bass, abstracted and distinct, with Johnny Mackay’s vocals shouting over the top, with ‘Seasons Changing’ following, a social commentary on Melbourne’s human creatures and their seasonal dating habits.

Making an appearance is ‘Chosen Armies’ also known as ‘Frozen Armies’ from their first 2005 EP. This tends to be a reoccurring happing on this album, with many past songs taken from their past two EPs reinvented for the album. ‘Cannibal’ from Glass Mountain Liars is reused, in place of live drums, a drum machine making it sound calculated and lacking in the rawness that can be heard from the 2006 original. The same can be said for ‘We Live in Fear’, previously released as ‘You Look Good on Paper’. ‘Economy’ is too little, too late. It’s angry and pissed off, representing the energy that this band create in a live show, standing out against the slightly paler songs preceding it, to be followed by another rehashing of ‘Brave Robot’.

This album as a whole is good. Not great, not mind-blowing, but good. Though when comparisons are made to their uncompromising previous releases and their nothing –less-than-epic live show, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. I don’t want to sound like a boring old major-label wary moron, but I hope this slight watering down isn’t going to be forever, because this band is an amazing band, with some amazing songs, this, ‘The Long Now’ is just a bit more miss than hit.

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