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2 New Songs, 1 Old One

November 7, 2008

The Hood Internet – Estelle (feat. Kanye West) vs The Ting Tings – Shut Up, American Boy (2008)
I don’t like The Tings Tings very much, in fact I really don’t like them at all but I really dig “American Boy” by Estelle and Kanye West and I also think The Hood Internet is pretty cool guys. Firstly this works so much better then it looks like going from the title, all the hooks from the original “American Boy” are here with an amped up rhythm section that especially kicks in during Kanye’s verses. Estelle sounds great with the spiky guitar and different instrumentation and the it’s one of the most fun songs I’ve heard in forever.

Manchester Orchestra – I Can Feel a Hot One (2008)
Manchester Orchestra are clearly a band that has potential and this song sees them finally living up to it. There were so many solid moments on their debut album but they were really hindered by some occasional cheesy lyrics and missteps in musical direction. “I Can Feel a Hot One” is a slow meandering dark indie-pop song, one of those slow building songs that usually end in a flurry of strings. For the most part it’s restrained with quiet guitar and strings. The vocals are probably some of their strongest work yet; the drumming is minimal, the lyrics clever and it’s clear example of what this band is capable of. It makes me look forward to their new album just a little bit more.

The Weakerthans – Watermark (2000)
I recently emailed these guys asking if they would please just hurry the fuck up and tour here already. I’m still waiting on my reply but I can’t stay mad at them because they are just too good. Watermark is from when they were a little less country and a little bit more punk. Palm muted chords in the verses and big choruses, it’s not the most musically original thing ever but the guitar is hooky and interesting plus the charm is just so strong it’s impossible not to love. Probably my favourite song from Left and Leaving and it also features one of my favourite Weakerthans lyrics,”I’ve got this store bought of saying I’m okay and you’ve learned how to cry in total silence”. A part of me will never be happy until they finally tour here.

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  1. Philippe permalink
    November 7, 2008 9:45 pm

    I really like the The Hood Internet thing, although it reminds me a lot of Girl Talk.

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