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New stuff from Architecture In Helsinki

November 7, 2008

Architecture In Helsinki seem to heading into that ever spiraling whirlwind that is electronic club music. It seemed only like yesterday that they were making nice sweet twee indie (listen to The Owls Go to know what I’m talking about), but nowadays it looks as if the whole banging club scene is bequeathing them darlings.

We heard a bit of this on Places Like This, an album which was released on the ideal that the jungle boogaloo accompanied with Roland electronic drums was coming back in force. Oh, and that the phrase “give it to me, baby give it to me” was OK to sing in a song yet still have cred surround your band somehow.

It’s natural for some bands to go down different paths with their musical styles with each release, but for AiH, it seems a little weird to hear them like this, because like I said, they always seemed to me as this twee band from the inner suburbs of Melbourne and it seemed it was what they did best. The point I suppose that I’m trying to get across here is that the bands new track This Beep is probably bringing the evolution of this band to squeky clean snares and drum machines. Enclose this with a few synths here and you have a new band really.

I don’t mind That Beep, it sounds cute and Kellie’s vocal really suits that kind of cuteness. Although at the same time it sounds a little too electro for my liking. Despite this, it’s been known that I listen to The Presets quite a bit now after vowing I shan’t listen to them at all when that Blow Up EP come out cause of the “fluro crowd”.

It will be interesting to see them play this track live (they appear next at Meredith) and to hear what the new album will sound like. You can listen to the track via the link below.

Listen to That Beep here
Architecture In Helsinki website
Architecture In Helsinki myspace

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