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Juana Molina – Una Dia (2008)

November 18, 2008

Listening to an album sung in a foreign language challenges the listener about how they should approach their listening experience. It makes me especially think differently as to how I should interpret music sometimes. Subsequently this has fuelled my ever growing interest in world music and the vast array of ways people use their voice.

When I played Juana Molina’s Una Dia through these here computer speakers, I felt a little uneasy. Probably because I was getting brought into a lyrical (and experimental music world) world which was as far away as possible. This really makes Una Dia stunning and beautiful record to listen to. There are a lot of “mmms” and “ahhhs” here and there, and in a way you could liken this approach to Sigur Ros’s way of singing. Although Juana actually sings in Spanish.

The album is very simplistic and minimal as far as experimental music goes. It kind of is precious in parts, not wanting to get all messy (which in a way is attributed to the lack of full on drums anywhere on all the tracks). Lo Dejamos and El Visitado are tracks that weave in and out with nothing much else other than Juana’s wistful, charming, harmonious voices, an acoustic guitar and a few taps of percussion.

Get a copy of the title track here
Find more MP3’s here

Juana’s coming out for the Sydney Festival and will be touring around Brisbane and Melbourne prior to her performances:

27 January 09 Toff In Town, Melbourne
29 January 09 Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane
30 January – 1 February 09 Sydney Festival Spiegeltent, Sydney

Juana Molina website
(in Spanish. Check out her English website here)
Juana Molina myspace


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