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Pitching Woo – Yours, Etc. (2006)

November 20, 2008

A couple of day ago I was given this ep by a friend, and since then I have given it a fair listening through a few times, and have completely fallen in love with Pitching Woo’s music. This is not so much a record review, but a little blurb of encouragement to check out this bands music, made up of slow and sombre lyrics about everything and nothing being pushed along by subtle guitar and leisurely drumming. It’s a sound that is sort of hard to pin, it’s atmospheric and ‘shoe-gazey’, it’s relaxing and even thought provoking, with moments of acoustic guitar and clearly some electric influences, the pianos appearances adding to the bittersweet appeal of the songs. One thing that resonates across the whole five songs is a delicate intelligence that appears effortless in these amazingly crafted songs.
Pitching Woo – If I Don’t Sleep
Pitching Woo MySpace
‘Yours, Etc’ through Inertia
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