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Aphex Twin – Druqks (2001)

December 6, 2008

Druqks is most certainly not Richard D James’ greatest work, or up there in the likes of Windowlicker or the Richard D James album. But when you hear complex beats generated by complex programs and devices alongside, John Cage-esque piano pieces, it makes for a listening experience that is twisted, and weird. I suppose you shouldn’t be surprised at that, I mean the guy has been producing totally nutty drill and bass (as well as other assorted IDM genres) for nigh on 20 years now.

It could probably be somewhat a frustrating listen for the discernible Aphex fan. I remember when I first listened to this double CD I was perplexed by these piano pieces intertwined with the massive snare hits and quirky sounds. Drukqs also show that Aphex likes to instil a bit of quirky musical humour. For example, “Lornaderek” which is basically an answering machine message from Richard’s parents singing happy birthday to him is quite a surprise in the ears considering how serious people sometimes take Aphex’s music.

What I love about this album is the freshness it has after it being release. I don’t think anyone has been as odd, ambitious, confounding, and occasionally varied in their sounds to release an album quite like Drukqs. This album can be justified as having sequencing madness of “Vordhosbn” and “Meltphace 6” combined with interludes like “Avril 14th” and “Nanou2″and still sounding ambitious today, 7 years on.

Aphex Twin – Druqks
Drukqs website with some interesting images to look at and more MP3’s.

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  1. Glenn Cochrane permalink
    December 9, 2008 4:19 am

    I’m a fan of Richard James and all things Aphex (and AFX), however this album doesn’t sit will with me. Its much too scattered and irrational, which many would say is the point of it, but I liken this album to the feedback and distortion one gets when putting the wrong plug into the back of an ampt turned to 11.

    Analog Bubblebath is my favourite release of his.

  2. Philippe permalink
    December 24, 2008 11:09 am

    Alot of people I know who like Aphex say the same thing, but I thought it was good that he became scattered and irrational (although any discerning person would think his stuff is scttered and irrational in the first place).

    I kind of like Drukqs for it’s ambitiousness more than anything I suppose…

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