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Phil also has fun at Meredith 2008

December 16, 2008


This was the festival that most of us were salivating over. We all got our tix (except Alex), we all got excited (except Alex), and got ready to enjoy some awesome music (well, except for… well, you get the picture :P).

Just to do something different (and encouraged by another blog post somewhere on the interwebs) I thought I’d give small short on sentence review of all the bands I saw:

Beaches – The noise and the three guitars worked really well together once again and they all seemed to be very cohesive moreso than the other two times I saw them in the previous month, despite a few vocal issues.

Ten East – Stoner instrumental rock which got me into a good groove. Wasn’t expecting them to be so hard – rocky

Man Man – These guys didn’t muck around. They came on, didn’t talk too much. Just gave us a rollicking good time and raw power in a set of thrashing weirdo rock.

Regurgitator – A huge mosh for a huge band. I got a bit sick of it after a bit of a while, but it seems these guys a settled at the moment in doing Greatest Hits sets right now. Maybe a couple of sets from Quan’s and Ben’s side projects would have been a little more interesting for me than the old stuff from Unit. Oh well.

Holy Fuck – Who would’ve thunk that an awesome set can be produced without an electric guitar. Keeping in with the instrumental theme that I am kind of fond for at the moment, this band sure know how to emulate weird and quirky sounds while enticing an audience with tracks that swirl.

The City Of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band – Bob is a genius man! We want more Bob!

Tame Impala – Any more psychedelic and I would be wearing fluro pants.

Final Fantasy – Your spat at the sound guys was weird in a set that was beautiful and sublime but other than that minor hiccup, you felt inclined to utilise that loop pedal to great emotional effect. I reckon that if I had my eyes closed, i would have thought an Orchestra was there.

Mountains In The Sky – Another band in the instrumental bunch that really outshone others on the Saturday. The sprawling tracks were mind bending at times

The Mountain Goats – I was expecting John Darnielle to be a bit more talkative, but decided against this and more or less gave us an interesting set of acoustic tunes. His cover of Johnny Cash’s tracks had me dancing in a little jaunt, that’s for sure.

Saul Williams – Holy shit man. This guy is powerfully awesome. Both with his words and his demeanour on stage. And don’t forget the costumes and get ups. The most theatrical outfit of the festival hands down.

Architecture In Helsinki – Hmmm, probably a let down after Saul. I am finding that this band are becoming more disappointing more and more every time I see them. 2 covers which I thought weren’t very ironic or admirable. They just seemed stupid. Especially The Neverending Story tribute, which I am sure Kelly forgot the words to at one point. Probably the disappointment of the day.

Little Red – Fun, fun fun. No wonder everyone except me have seen them and loves them. beautiful

It was then at this point that I went to bed. As such, missing MGMT & Muscles. By all accounts they weren’t too interesting to see.

Grand Salvo – A perfect medicine musically for a Sunday morning. Beautiful touching brass and violin with a Harp sound to die for. Oh and Paddy Mann’s voice is wonderful as well. I remember Nick telling me they seemed like a whole family up on stage.

Adam Green – It looked he was on something when this guy came out. But he was entertaining at least. I still think he must have taken some sort of sedative when he left the stage though.

The Ruby Suns – The best band on Sunday really. One of the guys from Architecture In Helsinki came out and played drums with them. They were much more rhythmic and danceable than I thought they were. I’m going to have to get into their latest album a bit more.

Black Diamond Heavies – Nice soul based tunes utilising a keyboard and drums only, but really 10 or so songs with a annoyingly gravelly voiced singer can really give you the shits sometimes. It just seemed so out of whack with that voice.

(photo care of The Age)

The Meredith Gift – What can I say? A whole lot of penis in one encompassed place. Funny as hell.

As a finishing note – I have finally met everyone on this blog! WOO! It was fun to catch up with both Nick & James and also Alex at the end of last month. It surely has been a trip and a half listening and watching music. Also many hellos go to Nick & James’ company to Elyse, Sarah and a whole lot of people who’s names I cannot remember (sorry!). My next task – relax a bit more in Sydney…

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Daniel permalink
    December 18, 2008 6:18 am

    way to forget my name jackass!

  2. Alexandra permalink
    December 18, 2008 12:16 pm

    I hate you right now!


    Well, that didn’t last long. But still! I wish I had been there!

  3. Philippe permalink
    December 18, 2008 12:20 pm

    Daniel: I truly am horrible with names. Sorry!

    i’ll see you round soon enough I’m sure at GP.

    Alex I’ll promise to stop making fun from now on.

  4. Elyse permalink
    December 18, 2008 12:48 pm

    Thanks for remembering my name Philippe! AND for spelling it right. Ten points for you!!

    Also, nice meeting you too. Glad to read that you had a nice time at MMF, despite the rain.
    It’s still raining by the way.

  5. Philippe permalink
    December 19, 2008 10:58 am

    You must have green lush grass over there by now…

    Or huge amounts of mud

  6. Kaitlyn permalink
    December 19, 2008 11:18 am

    Well you are ‘the famous Miss Blacklock’ Elyse. It was nice to meet you too Phil :)

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