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James Loved MMF 08

December 18, 2008

Eek, so much to write but been away camping again! I’ll get there, promise. Considering Nick and Phil both did Meredith posts of their own, I thought it would be a good idea for me to as well! Unlike Nick, this was my first trip to the festival, and despite the insane amount of rain and cold, I had a superb time, even managing to meet Phil for the first time.
The first band I saw was Beaches, who I was determined to see due to Phil’s previous posts about them, and they didn’t disappoint. An excellent start start to an excellent festival! Then, um… Well, I could’ve sworn I saw more than one band on Friday night, but apparently not. Oops. It was cold and wet and I was catching up with friends who I hadn’t seen in quite a while, leave me alone!
Saturday was brilliant, starting off with the Ballarat Municipal Brass Band, which was a nice fun opening for the day. Bob, Bob, Bob! Following that was Tame Impala, whose psychedelic rock kept me pretty intrigued for the whole set, and Final Fantasy. I kind of feel bad when judging Final Fantasy. I mean, he does a really excellent job, and everything sounds pretty fantastic, but… Well, after seeing Andrew Bird at the Spiegeltent earlier in the year, there’s just no comparison. Andrew Bird is the king of almost-solo violin with loops, and I don’t think I could ever find anything more brilliant. Sorry FF.
There was a fair bit of hype about the Mountain Goats from various people, so I made sure to stick around for them. Boy, the hype was spot on! They was just about my highlight band for the festival, I think. I just kind of wish I’d gone to see them at Manning the other week when I had the chance.
I must’ve had a pretty long lunch after that, only making it back in time for Architecture In Helsinki, who I’ve seen once or twice before. They were pretty good, as usual, although I can never seem to get into them as much as most of the crowd seems to, who can get a little scary at times. Little Red were pretty excellent, although still not as good as the first two times I saw them. Like last time, they played a fair bit of new stuff, which was a little disappointing, but at least they seemed to have refined the new songs a lot, and they sounded a lot better this time around. I don’t know, maybe they’re already bored of their first album?
I ventured out again for MGMT, who seemed to be the most hyped band of the festival (understandable, given the success of Kids and Electric Feel). They played both the aforementioned songs right at the end, which were pretty fun, but frankly the rest of their set was boring as hell. I had more fun watching people watching the music than watching the music itself. Also, before Kids, their last song, they went off stage for 30 seconds or so. Apparently there are encores now?
I was going to stay around for Muscles, as he’s been mentioned a lot on this blog recently, but I went to bed instead. Nice.
I headed to the Amphitheatre Sunday morning in time to see Grand Salvo, who I’m so glad I saw. I was on the ferris wheel for a good part of his set, but it was still excellent! Adam Green was insane, surely affected by some substance. He was crazily dancing all over the place, throwing the microphone around and generally being strange. He managed to get out his music very well though, and it was a fun set overall.
The Ruby Suns seem to have changed a lot since I saw them last year supporting the Shins. I think the band lineup has changed (or reduced…) dramatically, and their music has changed with it. Still, it was an entertaining set, especially after forming a dance circle.
I missed most of the gift, as we were a bit late arriving and the crowd was pretty thick, but it was a nice consolation to get back and have an easier (read: drier) tent to pack up than Daniel.
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  1. Daniel permalink
    December 18, 2008 6:29 am

    Two Things:

    “Little Red … maybe they’re already bored of their first album?”
    I know I am.

    also my tent totally rocked, you be nice to it.

  2. Kaitlyn permalink
    December 19, 2008 11:13 am

    Yes, MGMT were very underwhelming and I wasn’t happy that they started so late considering that people were out in the rain and the crowd was so packed I couldn’t move, let alone see what anyone was actually doing! Clearly the height advantage helped :)

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