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Francis & The Lights – A Modern Promise EP (2008)

December 27, 2008

If you remember my post on Muxtape a while ago, the brains of the site, Justin Ouellette, had alongside his essay regarding the status of his site had a playlist reminiscent of the old muxtape days on the site. It was a very funky mix of soul and weird wah-style synth sounds throughout.

This music was by Francis And The Lights, a New York outfit led by crooner Francis Farewell Starlite, that I just grew and grew to love. It’s really like he is the prodigal son of Prince. Just without the guitars. My fave track on this EP is the title track, with its minimal sounds and sparse vocal here and there. It all comes together when that chorus comes in and sounds so… well epic, in a soul kind of way. This is all in about 2min 45 sec mind you. I just wanted the song to go a bit longer.

This is what I hope so called R&B vocalists like John Legend or Jamie Foxx take note of this guy, cause he emulates how that genre should be sounding like in the future. Strawberries is a little ditty of a track which runs along at a cheesy pace but could get you dancing in a moment, while The Top is more on the trippy – vocalist scatting lyrics vibe.

Good thing about Francis is that he is very willing to offer up a lot for his fans. This EP, which was released in August and his 2007 EP, Striking are both downloadable for free. He also has a little audio blog as well which includes live cuts from his shows and regular updates. He also has a single release on Cantora Records which you can fork out a few bucks for if you’re impressed.

Download A Modern Promise for free here
Francis And The Lights website / blog myspace

A video of The Tops as well which I think is pretty ace:

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.
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