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Public Enemy @ The Epsy 1/1/09

January 3, 2009

public enenmy

Despite my crippling tiredness from NYE and the fact that Public Enemy thought coming on stage at 1.30am (WHAT?!) was a good idea this was still a pretty fantastic show. The Espy was completely packed and you could hardly move but the sound was good and we were shielded from the cold ocean air. By the time Public Enemy got onstage I was pretty excited and they blew away my expectations.

For the most part of the set they played the entirety of It Takes A Nation Of Millions to Hold Us Back, which was pretty damn exciting. The chemistry between Chuck D and Flavour Flav was electric and they were clearly excited to still be playing together after such a long time. The energy they displayed was awesome for a couple of old(er) dudes and the rest of the band played great except I felt a bit sorry for DJ Lord constantly being referred to as Terminator X. “Cold Lampin’ With Flavor” was probably my favourite with Flav on fire with his constant “yeeaaaaaaah boooooi!” calls and the slightly ridiculous lyrics. Chuck D was impressive too with some amazing rhymes and delivery, he has still got it after all these years and he was also pretty funny especially when making fun of Flavour Flav’s clock wearing habit.

The whole set there was some entertaining banter between the two front men, it was impressive when they had a “sample off” competition which eventually led into a jaw dropping moment when “She Watch Channel Zero?!” began. After they finished with their classic album they played some more of their hits but we were both on the verge of collapsing so we had to leave a bit early but to be fair was 3.30am by then. Such a fun, impressive and energetic set and its great to see Public Enemy still making noise after all this time and I hope they continue for a while still. 

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