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The Dodos with Qua @ Northcote Social Club, 6-01-09

January 7, 2009

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Qua before but just can’t remember when… regardless they were sort of a strange choice for the support act. The two of them played an entertaining electronic set managing to get some fantastic sounds from their gaggle of synths, drum machines and laptops. Although their set was a bit formless and at times was repetitive, it would have been better if I were drinking or perhaps knew their material. They reminded me a bit of The Ruby Suns except with no vocals and less hooks, still an interesting set though and they seemed to be having fun.

On release The Dodos’ album Visiter, struck me as soft and contemplative, there are moments of intensity but I always thought of them as a mellow folksy sort of group. Live they completely changed my perceptions. There was such an intensity throughout the whole show even though 2/3 band members (including the frontman) were sitting down and there was some furious guitar playing. They opened with three new songs (I think) and Meric Long’s guitar playing was a little bit mind blowing; it really doesn’t come through on the album so much but some of his finger picking looked insanely complex and I was impressed he could keep it up with such fury throughout pretty much the whole set. The new songs seemed similar to older stuff but with a bit more of a blues leaning particularly when the effects came on the guitar was able to rock out.

The percussion was also very good and really added texture to the guitar, instead of just keeping the beat Logan Kronecker (and sometimes another dude) used the drums to amp of moments of melody and he was able playing some fantastic beats some complex and some quite simple and catchy. The band also seemed pretty psyched to have such an eager following over here and it was nice when Meric got out a trumpet and tried to play us a nice Australian tune. “The Season” was a highlight with the drums creating a fantastic tension with the soft guitar, echoed vocals were spooky and the lights were turned down to create a terrific atmosphere until it built up into a huge angry jam. A really fantastic show and this is a band that looks set to create a fantastic new album that I can’t wait to here this year.

Qua’s Myspace
The Dodo’s Myspace

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  1. Elyse permalink
    January 8, 2009 4:07 am

    Wow- a gig in the future!

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