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All Tomorrows Parties @ Mt Buller Ski Resort 09/01/09 (Part 1)

January 12, 2009

I was keen on making sure it starting the festival circuit of ’09 off with a bit of a bang. When all sheets had been placed onto the chalet bed and the catching of the spectacular view set in, I excitedly ran down a hill and realised that the main stage was basically in the most awesome spot ever – at the base of a steep incline where pretty much anyone could see anything no matter where you were.

Mt Buller – Before it all began

A few coffees later and after settling into thee vibe of the place, I wouldn’t of had expected what was to occur for the next 2 days. Going through the program and set times for this event right now brings back so many brilliant memories already. Seriously – this – festival – ruled – so – much.

The Holy Sea were a nice opener to proceedings , giving the travel weary crowd a nice lead in to the day, while Hoss were fun and rawkus – one of many bands that have reformed for this event. Dead Meadow got things into full swing on main stage with their swaggering blues inspired tinged rock. Bill Callahan was soulful and wistful while The Primitive Calculators were plain and simply – funny to the hilt, poking fun at themselves and the crowd. Their rendition of Johnny O’Keefe’s “Shout” a huge highlight and had me in stitches. A band who haven’t played in 30 years added to that pristine moment that was their set. Grinderman were straight after them and put on a much more rocking show in the blaring sun (surprise, surprise, they were the so called “mystery act”). “No Pussy Blues” just got me into the mood for what was to be a fantastic night after their set. Mind blowingly awesome.

Dead Meadow


The Necks where a band that I was worried about out of everyone in this lineup. They are a band who take the approach of playing one long continuous 45 minute song for a set. And mind you, they normally be seen in the depths of a dark jazz club, not on top of a mountain with the sun blaring down on you. The crowd added to my ominous feeling – these people being festival goers rather than the discerning jazz chin stroker. But despite this, they put on a melding pot of improvisation and whirling sounds for those mesmerising 45 minutes. It just didn’t matter to them at all really. It was at this point that I got something to eat, so I missed Fuck Buttons, but got a prime possie for The Dirty Three plying tracks from Ocean Songs. This trio (along once again with Nick Cave on piano) took the mood of ATP to a whole new level.

I was worried for The Saints headlining the first day following some very credible acts. But they held their own very nicely. Ed Kuepper shredding out on “Im Stranded” was the antipodean moment of the day for me, despite the cockiness of Chris Bailey. I ventured nevertheless to the cinema to catch the premiere of The ATP movie, which I have to say is interesting to say the least from what I could remember of it – my exhausted state at that time found me falling asleep in my seat – GAH!).

This day was the beginning to an extraordinary festival. A round up of day 2 of the festival soon.

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