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Veronica Mars Season 1

January 17, 2009

veronica mars
Holidays are a great time to get into new TV shows, particularly now that I don’t even have any sort of job to keep me occupied. What better way to entertain myself then with someone else’s fictional life?! Woooo! Veronica Mars is just one way I have been wasting occupying my time but what a great way to do so as this show is totally rad and addictive.

Veronica Mars is a girl who’s best friend was just murdered, while Veronica herself was drugged and raped at a party and who’s mother left during the midst of all this because her father lost his job as Neptune’s sheriff. Also there is an evil corporation involved somehow. That’s a lot to take in and also a lot of mysteries to figure out in one season, luckily her dad is now a private detective and Veronica has learnt a few things eh? This series is so great because it manages to satirise the crime genre while also excelling at it by providing its own unique high school spin on it. The dialogue is sharp, funny and very Whedon-esque with Veronica being quite similar to fellow teen Buffy. The pacing doesn’t really slow and enough is revealed to keep you interested through the whole season yet not enough for you to figure everything out.

The visuals are bright and colourful with a cast of characters ranging from movie star’s kids to young hoodlums and relies on an overarching narrative but with Veronica solving smaller cases week to week. The supporting characters seem a little shallow at first but over time most become quite deep, compelling and authentic. Sometimes the mysteries can be a little too unbelievable and convoluted but Veronica is a strong main character that keeps everything grounded. As the answers to the centre crimes begin to reveal themselves it is one of the few times a show does not disappoint with the big reveals but I’m wondering where they can go with season 2 since everything was wrapped up quite well. As soon as I see it I’m buying it though.


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