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Neko Case helping animals finding a home! (Aww).

January 18, 2009

This is something I think more musicians should look into doing more. Not necessarily with animal shelters, but with any other deserving charitable organisation in the world out there.

Neko Case, member of The New Pornographers and wonderful songstress in her own right has decided that every blog that posts her new track, People Got A Lot Of Nerve will result in a $5 donation by Neko and the Anti Label to Best Friends Society, an organisation that helps find homes for abused animals in Utah. Woo! Anyone who adds this to their social network via the iLike application will also result in a $1 donation.

What an awesome idea – why more artists or labels don’t do this kind of thing is beyond me. The song itself by the way, is lovingly catchy and a exciting taster from her next album due out in 09 called Middle Cyclone.

So seeing that this is getting posted, that’s another $5 to the organisation – Go download and get that warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping our animal friends (or even donate more money yourself).

Neko Case – People Got A Lot Of Nerve
Neko Case myspace website

Also a video as well from Neko herself about the initiative:

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 19, 2009 1:54 am

    She’s so perfect.

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